About Tamer Factory

We are a Christian Family from Bethlehem, Palestine. We established our factory in 1970 with minimum employees and raw material. We began producing minimum amounts of products according to our available material, then we began enlarging our production.

For our Products we use two types of raw shells, white shells, and green abalone shells. These are our main raw materials that import it from Western Australia, as well as Mexico. We also use other types but not as main material. And for the Olive Wood used, we buy it from our land, because it comes from the Holy Tree the Olive Tree. 

We produce variety of products such as crosses, boxes, shells, brooches, earrings, big ornaments and other things.

Nowadays, our work became less than before, because the raw material of Mother of Pearl is too expensive, as well as hard to acquire and import.

Also, many people left their Work, Land, and Families to immigrate to other countries seeking a good and peaceful life.

We kindly ask you to Browse our Site, Check our High Quality and Beautiful Work, and encourage us by Buying our products for us to survive in The Holy Land and not think about Immigrating.

Thanks for browsing our site, we hope you liked it.

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